Young Explosive Batsman Tristan Stubbs Shines In Ipl 2023

Tristan Stubbs is an up-and-coming explosive batsman from South Africa, who recently made his IPL debut in 2022. Despite his limited appearances, he has been retained by Mumbai Indians for the 2023 season for a fee of INR 20 Lakhs.

His performance in the SAT20 league was impressive, demonstrating his power and potential. As of 2023, Stubbs has not yet made an appearance in the IPL, however his impact in the upcoming season is anticipated.

At just 21 years of age, Tristan Stubbs is a promising player for the future of IPL cricket. This article will discuss Stubbs’ IPL stats, performance and his retention.

IPL Stats

In the 2023 IPL season, Tristan Stubbs was retained by Mumbai Indians for INR 20 Lakhs, having previously made his IPL debut in 2022, scoring 2 runs in 2 matches.

His performance in recent SAT20 league caught the attention of the selectors and he was chosen as a powerful explosive batsman. He is 21 years old, born on 14 August 2000, in South Africa.

Unfortunately, he did not play in the IPL for Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata. However, he had a good run in Chennai, scoring 20 runs in 21 matches.

Stubbs has a promising future in the IPL and is expected to be a key player for the Mumbai Indians. His ability to score quickly, take on the bowlers, and find the boundaries will be a major asset for the team.

He is expected to be a key player in the upcoming season and should be watched closely.


His performance in the Indian Premier League in 2023 was remarkable, exhibiting powerful hitting and impressive consistency. Tristan Stubbs had been retained by the Mumbai Indians for the 2023 season for INR 20 lakhs, and he was able to prove why they had made such an investment in him.

His aggressive batting style allowed him to score runs quickly and accumulate big totals, and he was also able to build innings steadily when needed. His impressive performance in the SAT20 league prior to the IPL was a sign of things to come, as he was able to replicate this form in the IPL.

His strong hitting and strike rate were particularly impressive, as well as his ability to construct an innings when needed. His performance in the IPL 2023 was a testament to the potential of this talented young batsman.


Mumbai Indians retained Tristan Stubbs for the 2023 IPL season for INR 20 lakhs, recognizing his potential as a powerful and consistent batsman.

The 21-year-old South African born batsman had made his IPL debut in the 2022 season, scoring 2 runs in 2 matches. His performance in the SAT20 league had been outstanding, and had caught the eye of the Mumbai Indians selectors.

His attributes include:

  • Explosive batting style
  • Ability to hit sixes with ease
  • Quick thinking and decision making
  • Strong technique and technique against spinners.

Tristan Stubbs is a young and promising batsman who is sure to make an impact in the upcoming IPL season. His retention by Mumbai Indians is a testament to his potential as a cricketing star.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tristan Stubbs’ batting average in the IPL?

Tristan Stubbs has not played in the IPL in 2023. In 2022, he scored 2 runs in 2 matches, giving him an average of 1.00. His batting average for the IPL is therefore currently 1.00.

How many wickets has Tristan Stubbs taken in IPL matches?

Tristan Stubbs has taken no wickets in any of his IPL appearances. He is a powerful batsman and has not yet been called upon for bowling duties.

What is Tristan Stubbs’ highest score in the IPL?

Tristan Stubbs’ highest score in the IPL was 2 runs, achieved in his debut match against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2022. He was retained by Mumbai Indians in 2023 at a price of INR 20 Lakhs.

What is Tristan Stubbs’ domestic cricket record?

Tristan Stubbs is a professional cricketer from South Africa who has played in domestic tournaments such as the Sat20 league. He has a batting average of 28.20 from 35 matches, with a top score of 94 runs. He has also scored two centuries and four half-centuries in his domestic career.

Has Tristan Stubbs ever captained a team in the IPL?

No, Tristan Stubbs has not captained a team in the IPL. The batsman made his debut for Mumbai Indians in 2022 and has not been given the opportunity to lead a team. He has, however, had impressive performances in the SAT20 league.

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