Virat Kohli Captaincy Record (Tests, ODIs, T20Is, and IPL) – A Statistical Analysis –

Virat Kohli, currently the world’s best cricketer, is an excellent example. Kohli is more than just a great batsman. He has also been a critical part of India’s success, particularly in Test cricket, over the past few decades.

After MS Dhoni announced his retirement, Kohli took over the Test duties as India’s Captain in 2014. After being handed the captaincy in the limited-overs format, Kohli was appointed the full-time India captain.

While Virat Kohli did not win any ICC trophies while he was a white and red bat captain, his overall captaincy record is an inspiration for all captains. He was the original pioneer of aggressive captaincy, which we associate with the Indian side.

Kohli was relieved of his captaincy duties in Tests and ODIs

Kohli, the T20 World Cup 2021 captain, announced that he would step down as the T20I Captain following the ICC event. Even though India pulled out of the tournament very early, Kohli was not the most emotional. Kohli was also relieved from his captaincy duties in the ODIs after the selectors selected Rohit Sharma as the team’s leader starting with the series against South Africa.

Although India may not have had much success in ICC events, Kohli’s captaincy has made a lasting impression on Test cricket. Kohli has been an outstanding ambassador for Test cricket worldwide through his leadership of the Indian Test team’s transformation. The Men in Blue reached the final of 2021’s inaugural World Test Championship.

After 71 years in Australia, India won the 2018/19 Test series under Kohli’s captaincy. Under Kohli’s leadership, India has been crowned the No.1 Test team according to the ICC Rankings. This was for a continuous 42-month period from October 2016 until early March 2020. Virat Kohli was named test captain in February 2022 after Rohit Sharma was elected Captain for all three formats.

We perform a statistical analysis of Virat Kohli and his captaincy record for India and the IPL.

Record for Virat Kohli as Captain in Tests

Matches: Won 40, Loss 17

Virat Kohli has been the Test double tonner with the most since 2016.

Matches: 68. Won 40. Lost 17. Draw: 11. Wins Home. 24. Wins Away. 15 Series: 24. Won 18. Lost 5. Interest: 1. Home Series Wins. 11, Away Series Wins. 7.

68 – Kohli holds the record for The majority of Test matches are as follows India. Virat Kohli played as the Captain in his 61st Test match against New Zealand. He exceeded MS Dhoni’s record of 60 Tests as India’s Captain.

53.18 – Kohli has had the most success while playing in the fourth position. This position has seen him score almost 6542 runs, while he has seldom been able to play in the third, sixth, or seventh batting orders. As the Virat Kohli superstar was consistently scoring very high numbers, it is clear that his captaincy duties are not a problem.

40– With 40 wins in Test matches, Kohli is the most successful Indian Test captain. Kohli was the Indian Captain who won 58.8% (the highest of all Indian captains). He has easily surpassed some of India’s most accomplished captains in Test cricket. MS Dhoni follows him with 27 wins Captain.39.46 – Virat Kohli could do much better with the bat while playing as a captain. While he was not playing Captain, his average runs have been just 39.46 runs. That compares to his 54.80 runs per game when he was Captain. Kohli also reached a double century playing as a captain, but he failed to achieve the same feat when the captaincy was not on his shoulders.

39.46 – Virat Kohli could do much better with the bat while playing as a captain. When he is Captain, he averages just 39.46 runs. This compares to the 54.80 runs if he is the captain. Kohli has also achieved a double century as a captain. He has not been able to accomplish the same feat when he was captain.

24 – Virat Kohli now has the most Test wins home for India. Kohli’s 24th win at home in Test cricket was India’s win against New Zealand in Mumbai. Kohli, India’s skipper, passed MS Dhoni with 21 Test wins.

20– Kohli has scored the most Test centuries for In captain. Kohli has 20 centuries as an Indian Test skipper. He is just behind Graeme Smith (25), who has the most Test hundreds. Virat has not added to his Test centuries tally in the past few years. In India’s first Pink-Ball Test, Virat scored his last Test win against Bangladesh.

11- Captain of India’s 11 series at home. India has never lost a single one. Virat’s aggressive captaincy built India a fortress at its birthplace.

7– Kohli has scored seven double-centuries in his Test career. His Test double tons all came during his captaincy. This puts him at the top of the list. most double centuries For any Test

1 – Kohli also holds the record for scoring the most Test runs for the captain. In 66 Tests, Virat has scored 5703 runs at an average of 55.36, including the highest score of 254* against South Africa.


Virat Kohli holds the record for ODI captaincy

Matches: 95, Won: 65, Lost: 27, NR/Tied: 3

Virat Kohli - Indian ODI Captain
Virat Kohli – Indian ODI Captain

65 – Virat Kohli has led India in 65 ODI wins as Captain. After Sourav Captain and MS Dhoni, he is the fourth most successful ODI Indian captain.

2 – Virat has the second most runs as Indian ODI skipper (5449 runs) after MS Dhoni. Dhoni tallied 6641 runs ODI runs during 200 matches as India’s Captain.

21 – He has captained the most number of ODI centuries by an Indian captain. Only Ricky Ponting has more ODI centuries than Kohli, who had 22 as Australia’s Captain.

The superstar Captain, like in test matches where Kohli could extract more runs from his batting game even though captaincy was on his shoulders, delivered the goods in the ODI format as the team captain. As the team captain, he averaged 72.65 runs during his 95 ODI matches. In these matches, he was able to score 5449 runs. Kohli’s average run rate in 167 ODI games, when he was not a captain, has been 49.60.

As a captain, Kohli managed to win 68.42% of ODIs. This is the highest win rate for an ODI captain on the team for over 20 games. This impressive record did not propel India to victory in the 2019 World Cup. It is also remarkable that Kohli finished only behind Ricky Ponting’s record of 22 centuries in the ODI format when playing as Captain.

Record for Virat Kohli’s captaincy in T20Is

Matches: 50, Won: 30, Lost: 16, Tie/NR: 4

Kohli would aim at the T20 World Cup next year in India
Kohli would like to win the T20 World Cup 2021, India

1– Kohli scored the Indian skipper responsible for most T20I runs. Virat, with 1570 T20I runs, is fourth among the captains with the most T20I runs.

2– He is India’s second most successful T20I Captain with 30 wins. Captain holds the record for most T20I victories (42) as an Indian captain.

1– Kohli also holds the record for scoring the quickest 1000 T20I runs as Captain. It took him captain innings to reach the milestone. That’s an inning faster than South Africa’s Faf du Plessis.

1– Only Indian skipper to win the T20I bilateral series in all SENA nations. India won 5-0 against New Zealand in 2020 and 2-1 against Australia in 2020. He also won 2-1 in England (2018) and 2-1 against South Africa (2018).

4 – With 30 T20I wins, Kohli is ranked fourth among the most T20I wins as Captain. He’s just Captain Afghanistan, MS Dhoni, and Eoin Morgan as T20I captains.

While MS Dhoni is the most successful Indian Captain, he was closeted by Kohli throughout his captaincy. Kohli was in charge of the T20 India team for 50 matches, which is one less than Rohit Sharma. Kohli has managed to win 30 games and lose 16 during these 50 matches. Virat Kohli’s winning record in captaincy is 64.58%. This puts him in second place behind Rohit Singh, who has a 76.47% record.

The batting average, which had been moving in one direction, showed signs of concern after 2017; Kohli regained his form in just two years. The T20 cricket format is where the star performs well. He scored a record of 140.55 as a captain for the T20 team. He set a record of 136.35 even though he was not Captain.

One of the captaining records in Virat Kohli’s captaincy statistics would be his remarkable return of runs in the T20 format while playing as the Captain. He hit the more of runs – 1570 – among Indian captains. This run also ranks fourth among all T20 captains in the world. Even though Kohli was unsuccessful – to a certain extent – during his final days as the T20 Captain, he is still fourth in the list of most successful T20 captains.

Record for Virat Kohli as Captain in IPL

Matches CaptainWon: 64, Lost: 69, NR: 7

Virat Kohli has led RCB in 125 IPL matches so far
Virat Kohli is the leader of RCB in 140 IPL matches

3– Kohli led RCB in 140 IPL matches which is the second-highest for any captain in the IPL. He is just behind MS Dhoni for the most matches he has played in IPL as a captain.

1– Virat has scored the Most runs in IPL history with the Captain.

22 – At 2 years, Kohli became the youngest player to captain an IPL side. Kohli, in IPL 2011, was the youngest IPL captain.

Virat Kohli clarified that he was leaving the RCB captaincy during the IPL 2021. He stated that he would continue to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore for the remainder of his IPL career. Virat will be wearing the RCB jersey after nearly eight years. He won’t be playing as a captain in IPL2022.

Virat Kohli’s record in IPL captaincy is decent. His win rate in Virat Kohli’s captaincy numbers is 48.16%. This is not the best, but it’s better than the 55% win rate achieved by Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni. Kohli has not been in a position to take Royal Challengers Bangalore to any IPL title. Despite these disappointments, it is still an interesting read on the Virat Kohli captaincy record.

Record for Virat Kohli as Captain in all formats of International Cricket

Matches: 213, Won: 135, Lost: 60, Draw/NR/Tie: 18

He can now focus on his batting, even though Kohli’s career as a captain has ended. He could succeed Sachin Tendulkar as Captain, but he can Captain a great batter. Kohli could follow his lead with the bat. Kohli’s record in India as Captain is impeccable. The Captain led Indian cricket to greater heights, despite falling short of the ICC events.

His most significant contribution to Indian cricket is his passion for winning away from home, particularly in Test cricket. While Kohli has been criticized for his team selections, he continues to be bullish about his decisions. He has fostered self-belief within his team and led on every level as a true leader. As the Indian national team captain, his win percentage was 63.3%. This is a legacy that cannot be duplicated.

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