Rohit Sharma: Ipl Star And Record-Breaking Captain

Rohit Sharma is an Indian professional cricketer and the captain of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL). With 237 matches under his belt, Rohit has the highest amount of money earned in IPL history and is the fourth highest run-scorer in IPL history.

He has also taken 4 wickets in his IPL career and has hit more sixes than Virat Kohli with 240 sixes in 227 matches.

As a captain, Rohit has led Mumbai Indians to five IPL titles, with a winning percentage of 56.64%. He holds the record for the highest score of 109* against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2012 and also achieved a hat-trick against Deccan Chargers in 2009.

This article seeks to analyze Rohit’s IPL stats, captaincy record, and achievements.

IPL Stats

Rohit Sharma’s impressive IPL stats reflect his successful career as an IPL star and record-breaking captain. He has scored 6063 runs in 237 matches with an average of 10.00 and a highest score of 109*. Sharma’s highest-paid player status has earned him a total of 178 crore. He is also the 4th highest run-scorer in IPL history, with 5879 runs in 227 matches and an average of 34.42.

Sharma has hit 240 sixes, more than Virat Kohli, and has also scored 44 fifties. He achieved a hat-trick in 2009 against the Deccan Chargers and scored one century in 2021 against Kolkata Knight Riders.

In terms of captaincy, Sharma has been highly successful. He has led in 143 matches, with 79 wins and 60 losses, giving him a winning percentage of 56.64%. As the IPL’s most successful captain, Rohit Sharma’s stats are a testament to his skill and success.

Captaincy Record

Mumbai Indians have achieved a 56.64% winning percentage under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. With 143 matches as captain, he has 79 wins and 60 losses, making him the most successful IPL captain in terms of winning percentage.

He has also earned the title of the highest-paid player in IPL history, earning 178 Crore in total.

The Indian batsman has an impressive record, being the 4th highest run-scorer in IPL history with 5879 runs in 227 matches. He also has more sixes than Virat Kohli, with 240 sixes in 227 matches. Sharma has also achieved one century and 44 fifties in his IPL career.

He also has a hat-trick to his name, achieved in 2009 against Deccan Chargers.

With these impressive achievements, Rohit Sharma is undoubtedly one of the greatest IPL stars and record-breaking captains.


With his impressive batting stats and record-breaking captaincy, one of the greatest IPL stars has achieved numerous achievements.

Rohit Sharma has the record for most runs in one IPL season, with 538 runs in 2013. He also holds the record for most sixes in an IPL match, with 11 sixes in 2019. He has the highest-paid IPL contract, earning a total of 178 Crore. He has the fourth highest runs scored in IPL History, with 5879 runs in 227 matches. He has scored more sixes than Virat Kohli, with 240 sixes in 227 matches and has 44 fifties to his name.

He is also considered to be the best IPL captain with a winning percentage of 56.64%. His IPL titles as captain with Mumbai Indians also make him one of the most successful IPL captains.

Rohit Sharma is a true IPL champion, and his impressive achievements speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rohit Sharma’s favorite batting shot?

Rohit Sharma’s favorite batting shot is widely considered to be the ‘helicopter shot’, a powerful lofted drive over mid-wicket. He is known to have mastered this shot, and regularly uses it to great effect in matches.

What is the most memorable match that Rohit Sharma has played in?

Rohit Sharma’s most memorable match is the 2012 match against Kolkata Knight Riders, where he scored a century, making 109* runs. He also recorded his best bowling figures of 4/6 in that match. This match was also his first century in the IPL.

What has been Rohit Sharma’s biggest motivation for success?

Rohit Sharma’s biggest motivation for success has been his passion for cricket and the desire to be the best. He has consistently worked hard to improve his game and has been highly committed to achieving his goals. He has also been driven by a competitive spirit and the desire to achieve success.

What is the most important lesson that Rohit Sharma has learned from playing in the IPL?

The most important lesson that can be learned from playing in the IPL is to remain focused and dedicated. Playing in the IPL requires consistent effort and dedication, and players must remain focused on their goals to achieve success.

What advice would Rohit Sharma give to aspiring cricket players?

Rohit Sharma’s advice to aspiring cricket players would be to focus on developing their skills and playing with confidence. They should also practice regularly, watch high-level matches, and stay motivated. Furthermore, they should strive to stay humble, listen to coaches, and remain disciplined.

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