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Cricket is a sport that has been played for centuries and has evolved over time. Test cricket, the oldest form of the game, is a five-day format where each team gets to bat twice and scores as many runs as possible.

Over the years, several records have been set in this format, with players showcasing their skills and talents on the field. One such record is for most double centuries in test cricket, also known as most 200s in tests. A double century refers to when a player scores 200 or more runs in an innings.

This feat is not easy to achieve and requires immense skill, patience, and concentration from the batsman. In this article, we will take a closer look at the players who hold this prestigious record and examine what makes them stand out from other great cricketers.

Definition Of A Double Century

A Double Century is a feat in cricket that only the most skilled batsmen can achieve. It is when a player scores 200 runs or more in one innings of a Test match. This accomplishment is rarer than a unicorn sighting and requires incredible patience, focus, and skill.

The longest gap between two consecutive double centuries was achieved by Sir Donald Bradman from Australia, who scored his first in January 1930 and his second five years later in February 1935. Another record held for doubles includes the highest partnership run score of 624 runs set by Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene for Sri Lanka against South Africa during their home series in July-August 2006. Furthermore, strike rate plays an important role as Virender Sehwag has the fastest double century to date with just 168 balls taken to reach this milestone while playing against West Indies on November 2011.

There are also those who have had remarkable consistency with double centuries including AB de Villiers who holds the record for scoring four consecutive Test hundreds (including two double centuries) against India and West Indies in December 2013-14 season. With all these impressive feats accomplished over time, it’s no wonder why achieving a Double Century is considered amongst the greatest achievements in cricket history.

Record Holders

Now that we know what a double century is, let’s take a look at the record holders for most 200s in test cricket.

The most recent addition to this list was Mayank Agarwal from India who scored his first ever double century against South Africa in October 2019. However, it is Sir Don Bradman of Australia who holds the highest score with an unbeaten 334 against England in 1930.

Sachin Tendulkar of India and Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka hold the record for most centuries alongside their name while scoring a double ton – six each. Interestingly, none of these players feature on the top five batting average list for those with multiple test centuries, which goes to show that big scores alone don’t necessarily mean consistent performances over time.

Imagine walking into a stadium filled with cheering fans as you step up to bat. The sun beams down upon your face as you grip onto your bat tightly. You can hear your heart pounding loudly as you focus intently on the bowler’s every move.

As you start making runs, the crowd roars louder than ever before. Your adrenaline rushes through your veins as you reach milestones one after another. You feel invincible as you continue smashing boundaries left and right.

Suddenly, you hit a ball so hard that it sails across the field and out of sight! Everyone gasps in amazement as they realize you’ve just made history by achieving the fastest double century ever recorded in test cricket. You grin widely knowing that this moment will forever be etched into both yours and cricket’s history books.

Fastest Double Century

Let’s talk about the fastest double centuries in test cricket and the highest score with a double century. Who holds this record?

Fastest Double Centuries

Imagine a young cricketer making their debut and scoring a double century, setting the bar high for their future performances.

Debuting with a double century is rare, but even rarer are those who have achieved it at a high run rate. The highest run rate in test cricket belongs to Nathan Astle of New Zealand, who scored 200 runs off just 153 balls against England in 2002.

However, not all double centuries result from such explosive batting displays; some players have managed low-scoring doubles that require immense patience and endurance. Virender Sehwag’s first three double centuries were slow innings that required over 300 deliveries each time.

Despite this contrast in styles, every player who has achieved multiple double centuries shares an impressive feat that requires mental strength as well as physical prowess on the field.

Highest Score With A Double Century

Now, hitting milestones is not the only way to make a significant impact in cricket. Batting styles can also have an overall impact on the game and leave lasting impressions for years to come.

One such example is the highest score with a double century in test cricket history, held by Brian Lara of the West Indies. In 2004, he scored a staggering 400 runs against England, becoming the first cricketer to achieve this feat in an innings. Interestingly enough, his previous record-breaking score was also a double century (375 runs).

While some players may opt for explosive batting displays or slow innings that require immense patience and endurance when scoring double centuries, it’s clear that each player has their unique style and approach to achieving these impressive feats.

Most Double Centuries In An Innings

Interestingly, out of the 72 double centuries scored in test cricket history, only 11 have been made more than once. This indicates just how rare and special scoring a double century truly is. It requires not only exceptional batting skills but also a well-planned and executed batting strategy, mental strength to maintain concentration levels for long periods of time, as well as being physically fit enough to endure the hours spent at the crease.

The table below showcases the players who have achieved multiple double centuries in their career:

Player NameNumber of Double Centuries
Don Bradman6
Kumar Sangakkara5
Brian Lara5
Wally Hammond4

It’s clear from this table that these players were not only gifted with natural talent but also possessed strong captaincy roles within their team. They had excellent fitness regimes and were able to stay focused on their game plan throughout long innings, which helped them achieve such remarkable feats.

In order to score consecutive double centuries, it takes even greater focus and dedication. The next section will explore those who have managed to achieve this incredible accomplishment.

Most Consecutive Double Centuries

As we’ve seen, scoring a double century in test cricket is no small feat. But for some players, one just isn’t enough. In fact, there have been several instances of consecutive double centuries throughout test cricket history. These impressive performances not only cemented individual player stats but also marked significant double century landmarks.

Let’s take a look at some remarkable feats of consecutive double centuries in test cricket:

  1. Sir Don Bradman scored four consecutive double centuries between 1930 and 1934.
  2. Kumar Sangakkara achieved the rare feat of scoring back-to-back double tons twice in his career.
  3. Brian Lara holds the record for the highest individual score (400*) and has also scored two consecutive double centuries on three separate occasions.

While many of these notable performances have taken place on home soil, it’s worth mentioning that several players have also managed to achieve this feat abroad. Regardless of where they occur, consecutive double centuries are truly awe-inspiring displays of skill and endurance that showcase why these players are considered among the best in the game.

And speaking of incredible achievements, our next section will delve into another impressive milestone: most double centuries against one team.

Most Double Centuries Against One Team

It’s one thing to score a double century in test cricket, but it’s another feat entirely to do so against the same team multiple times. The record for most double centuries against one team is held by Sir Donald Bradman, who scored three of his 12 career double centuries against England. However, he is not alone in this achievement as Kumar Sangakkara also has three double centuries against Bangladesh.

In addition to scoring multiple double centuries against the same team, some players have achieved impressive double century milestones in a single series. For example, West Indian batsman Brian Lara famously broke the record for highest individual score with his 400 not out, which was part of a triple-century and two double-centuries during that series against England.

Double century partnerships are also noteworthy achievements in test cricket history. In fact, the highest partnership ever recorded was between Sri Lanka’s Sanath Jayasuriya and Roshan Mahanama when they put together an unbeaten stand of 576 runs against India in 1997.

While there have been many notable double century streaks throughout history, none compare to Sir Don Bradman’s incredible run of six consecutive scores over 200 from 1930-31. This remains a record that seems unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

As impressive as these feats are, there is still another level of batting excellence beyond even the coveted ‘double-hundred club.’

Stay tuned for our next section on triple centuries in test cricket!

Triple Centuries In Test Cricket

Triple Centuries in Test Cricket

While double centuries are a rare feat, achieving a triple century is even more difficult. Only a handful of cricketers have been able to surpass the 300-run mark in test cricket. Batting orders and different formats do not matter much when it comes to this milestone, as all players need patience, endurance, and skill to achieve such an incredible run record.

The first-ever triple century was scored by England’s Andy Sandham against the West Indies back in 1930. Since then, many great players from different cricketing eras have achieved this remarkable feat. Some notable names include Sir Don Bradman, Brian Lara, Virender Sehwag, Chris Gayle, and Kumar Sangakkara.

Achieving a triple century requires not only excellent batting skills but also resilience against bowlers’ impact on the pitch. It takes hours of concentration and mental strength to stay focused enough to reach such high scores. The ability to pace oneself throughout the innings while still accumulating runs is crucial for any player aspiring to score a triple century.

In conclusion, scoring a triple century in test cricket is one of the most significant achievements for any batsman in the sport. It requires dedication, discipline, and immense skill that few can master.

As we look forward to future matches and tournaments with anticipation, we wait eagerly for new records of excellence that will undoubtedly be set by some of today’s top players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was The First Player To Score A Double Century In Test Cricket?

You may be wondering why it’s important to know who was the first player to score a double century in test cricket. While some may argue that achieving milestones like this is simply a matter of personal accomplishment, it actually holds significant value for team records and can even provide insight into weather conditions and academic research on the sport.

Understanding the record holders of such achievements allows us to better analyze trends and patterns within the game. So, who was the first player to reach this milestone?

It was none other than Charles Bannerman of Australia, scoring an impressive 165* against England back in 1877.

What Is The Average Score Of A Player Who Has Scored A Double Century In Test Cricket?

When it comes to high scorers in test cricket, one question that often arises is what the average score of a player who has scored a double century might be.

This depends on various factors such as the runs required by their team at the time, scoring patterns and frequency of centuries leading up to their double hundred, and any ongoing scoring streaks.

Generally speaking, players who achieve this milestone tend to have strong performances throughout their career which culminates into frequent big scores.

However, there are no set rules for what an average score should look like for these elite cricketers.

How Many Players Have Scored A Double Century In Their Debut Test Match?

Oh, you know what’s even more impressive than scoring a double century in test cricket?

Scoring one in your debut match.

That’s right, we’re comparing records and looking at the most impactful innings from players who made historic moments by hitting 200 runs on their first try.

It takes a lot of nerve to step out onto that field for the first time and make such a mark, but these players did just that.

And who knows, maybe some of them went on to become mentor figures or have mentee relationships with future prospects inspired by their incredible feat.

Has Any Player Ever Scored Two Double Centuries In The Same Test Series?

Unanswered questions in the cricket world always make for intriguing discussions. One such question that has been doing rounds lately is whether any player has ever scored two double centuries in the same test series?

This query has sparked debates and conversations among fans and experts alike, as it would be a monumental feat to achieve. While records broken and frequent milestones are celebrated in cricket, top performances often come with controversial dismissals or accusations of cheating.

Nonetheless, this particular unanswered question remains an exciting prospect for cricket lovers worldwide.

Who Has Scored The Most Runs In A Single Test Match While Scoring A Double Century?

Did you know that Brian Lara holds the record for scoring the most runs in a single test match while also notching up a double century?

In 2004, during West Indies’ tour of Sri Lanka, Lara scored 221 and 130 in two innings. What makes this feat even more remarkable is that he achieved it against a strong Sri Lankan bowling attack led by Muttiah Muralitharan.

Interestingly, his batting partners failed to provide much support as Lara had an innings breakdown of 49% of the team’s total score in the first innings and 35% in the second innings. Despite this, his efforts helped West Indies secure a vital first-innings lead thanks to his boundary count which included three sixes and twenty-six boundaries.


In conclusion, the list of players who have scored double centuries in Test cricket is quite impressive. As we explore this record-breaking feat, it becomes apparent that there are some exceptional athletes out there who possess an incredible talent for batting.

The first player to ever score a double century in Test cricket was none other than W.G. Grace, who achieved this milestone back in 1884. Since then, many cricket legends such as Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar have gone on to achieve this remarkable feat multiple times throughout their careers.

Interestingly enough, scoring a double century does not necessarily guarantee victory for a team. However, it definitely sets up the match nicely for them.

With so many talented cricketers having achieved this accomplishment over the years, one can only wonder which player will be next to join the ranks of these greats.

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