Kl Rahul Centuries | List Of All Kl Rahul Odi Test T20i And Ipl Centuries

KL Rahul is one of the most talented and consistent cricketers in Indian cricket. He has established himself as a reliable opener for India in all formats of the game, be it Tests, ODIs, T20Is or IPL. Over the years, he has played some breathtaking innings and has scored many centuries that have helped his team win matches.

In this article, we will take a look at all the KL Rahul centuries across all formats of the game – ODI, Test, T20I and IPL. We will delve into each century to see what made them special and how they impacted their respective games.

So sit back and enjoy as we relive some of the finest moments of KL Rahul’s career so far!

Overview Of Kl Rahul’s Career

KL Rahul’s career has been a remarkable progression journey from being a promising youngster to establishing himself as one of the best batsmen in India. He has not only earned a role model status for his fans but also gained respect among cricketing fraternity for his mental approach towards the game.

Rahul’s batting style is an amalgamation of elegance and power, making him a treat to watch on the field. In terms of personal milestones, he has achieved several accolades throughout his career so far, which we will delve into further by exploring his ODI centuries.

Odi Centuries

Let’s talk about KL Rahul’s fastest and highest ODI centuries. He’s got some impressive records under his belt!

Fastest Odi Centuries

Picture this: the crowd is roaring as KL Rahul strides to the crease, his bat at the ready. As he takes strike, there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. And then, with lightning-fast reflexes and perfect timing, he sends the ball soaring over the boundary – again and again.

KL Rahul has proven time and again that he’s one of India’s most explosive batsmen, and his fastest century timeline is proof of that. With an impressive four ODI centuries to his name so far, including two against England in early 2021, it’s clear that he knows how to score big when it matters most.

What sets him apart from other players is not just his ability to hit boundaries but also his consistency in getting fifty plus scores regularly. Moreover, with captaincy impact coming into play recently, we can expect even more remarkable innings from this talented player in the future!

Highest Odi Centuries

But achieving a century in ODI cricket is no easy feat, and only the best of the best have managed to do it consistently.

One such player who has etched his name in history with some remarkable innings is KL Rahul. Apart from being known for his explosive batting technique, he holds an impressive record of four ODI centuries under his belt.

And with captaincy influence coming into play recently, we can expect him to become even more pivotal to team dynamics and score many more match-winning centuries in the future.

Test Centuries

After achieving great success in the ODI format, KL Rahul made his Test debut against Australia in 2014. He took some time to establish himself but soon made an impact with his personal best of 199 runs against England in 2021.

Here are three key milestones from KL Rahul’s career progression as a Test batsman:

  1. Debut half-century: In his debut match, Rahul scored a gritty half-century and showed glimpses of his potential at the international level.
  2. Consistent performances: After a few lean patches, he returned to form with consistent performances and notched up several fifties.
  3. Maiden hundred: Finally, in 2018, he scored his maiden Test century against England and cemented his place in the batting order.

KL Rahul is known for his mental focus and ability to adapt to different situations on the field. These qualities have helped him overcome challenges and evolve into one of India’s premier batsmen across formats.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at KL Rahul’s T20I centuries and how he has excelled in this high-octane format of cricket.

T20i Centuries

Let’s talk about KL Rahul’s T20I centuries – he’s got quite a few! He also has the most runs in T20I, which is really impressive.

Kl Rahul T20i Centuries

KL Rahul has been a prolific run-scorer in T20I cricket, and his ability to convert starts into big scores is evident from the number of centuries he has scored. With his first-class form and excellent batting technique, he quickly gained international recognition as one of India’s top batsmen across all formats.

He currently holds the record for being the only Indian player to score two T20I centuries. His first century came against West Indies in 2016, where he scored an unbeaten 110 runs off just 51 balls. The second century was made against England in 2018 when he smashed 101 runs off just 54 deliveries.

KL Rahul’s consistency with the bat has been remarkable, making him a valuable asset to any team he plays for.

Most Runs In T20i By Kl Rahul

Moving on to KL Rahul’s performance analysis, it is worth noting that he has not only scored the most T20I centuries by an Indian player but also holds another impressive record.

He currently has the highest number of runs in T20Is for India, with 1,542 runs to his name. This achievement reflects his mental preparation and batting strategies before every game.

His consistency as a top-order batsman has been remarkable, and he continues to play a pivotal role in India’s T20I squad.

With such impressive records under his belt, there is no doubt that KL Rahul will continue to be a force to reckon with in the world of cricket.

Ipl Centuries

KL Rahul’s rise to fame in the IPL has been nothing short of phenomenal. The Indian opener has consistently performed well for his franchise teams, with five centuries and 25 half-centuries under his belt. His batting consistency has helped him achieve domestic milestones as well.

Apart from being a prolific run-scorer, KL Rahul was also appointed as the captain of Kings XI Punjab in 2020. While he couldn’t lead them to an IPL title, his impact on the team was significant. He not only led by example but also made some bold decisions that paid off for the team.

The popularity of IPL can be attributed to players like KL Rahul who have taken their performances to another level in this tournament. As we move forward into the future editions of IPL, it will be interesting to see how many more records he breaks and milestones he achieves.

Speaking of records held…

Records Held

After witnessing KL Rahul’s incredible IPL centuries, it’s worth exploring the records he holds and his impact on the game. His dominance in runs is undeniable, with a batting technique that many envy. In fact, his centuries streak is impressive, having scored multiple hundreds for India and Kings XI Punjab.

Let’s take a look at some of the personal milestones achieved by KL Rahul during his century-scoring spree:

ODI26 Jun 2018England
Test18 Aug 2018England
T20I3 Jul 2018England
IPL23 Apr 2019Mumbai Indians

Despite his success across formats, one thing that stands out about KL Rahul is how much he values home advantage. His performances in Indian conditions have been nothing short of remarkable, which bodes well for India as they look to win more matches on their own soil.

As we consider the impact of KL Rahul’s centuries, it’s clear that he has cemented himself as one of India’s most valuable players. His ability to score big runs consistently sets him apart from other batsmen in the world today.

With each century he scores, he adds another chapter to an already illustrious career.

Impact Of Kl Rahul’s Centuries

KL Rahul’s Centuries have left a lasting legacy in the world of cricket. His impressive performance has gained him international recognition and admiration from fans all over the globe. With his consistent runs, KL Rahul has demonstrated his captaincy potential, showcasing not only his batting skills but also his leadership qualities.

As a result of his success on the field, KL Rahul has garnered significant media attention, which has increased fan engagement with him. Fans eagerly await each match to see if he will hit another century or lead his team to victory.

Moreover, KL Rahul’s centuries have inspired young cricketers to follow in his footsteps and strive towards achieving similar feats. In addition to being an exceptional player, KL Rahul is known for his humility and sportsmanship both on and off the field.

These attributes have endeared him even further to fans who look up to him as a role model. Overall, KL Rahul’s centuries are more than just numbers; they represent hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport. His achievements demonstrate that with perseverance, anything is possible.

As such, KL Rahul continues to inspire generations of cricketers worldwide while leaving behind an incredible legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Kl Rahul’s Highest Individual Score In International Cricket?

KL Rahul’s highest individual score in international cricket is an impressive 199 runs. This was achieved during the fifth Test match against England at Chennai in 2021, where he missed out on a double century by just one run.

Apart from this remarkable feat, Rahul has also recorded some of the fastest centuries across all formats of the game. He holds the record for scoring the second-fastest fifty in T20Is by an Indian player and the third-fastest ton in IPL history.

Additionally, Rahul has been a vital cog in several record partnerships for India and has displayed exceptional batting technique both at home and overseas. Not to mention his outstanding fielding contribution that often saves crucial runs for his team.

How Many Centuries Has Kl Rahul Scored In Domestic Cricket?

If you’re curious about KL Rahul’s domestic cricket performance, you might be wondering how many centuries he has scored in first-class matches.

In addition to his impressive international record, Rahul has also made a name for himself as a prolific run-scorer in the Indian domestic circuit. He has racked up multiple centuries across all formats of the game, including some winning knocks in T20s and century partnerships with other players.

Interestingly, Rahul has also shown an ability to score against tough opponents, having notched up centuries against strong bowling attacks. And when it comes to the IPL, Rahul holds a few notable records, such as being one of only two batsmen (along with Chris Gayle) to have hit six or more centuries in the tournament’s history.

What Is Kl Rahul’s Strike Rate In Ipl Matches Where He Has Scored A Century?

In the world of IPL, KL Rahul is a hotshot player known for his explosive performances. When it comes to scoring centuries, he’s one of the fastest in the game – his highest score came off just 46 balls!

But what sets him apart from other players with impressive strike rates is his consistency. Not only does he boast an impressive captaincy record, but he’s also racked up fifty plus scores like nobody’s business.

And if that wasn’t enough to make you take notice, consider this: in the 2019 season alone, KL Rahul scored six centuries and had the highest partnership (with Chris Gayle) of any team in IPL history.

So when it comes to batting prowess, KL Rahul is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

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How Many Of Kl Rahul’s Centuries Have Come In Winning Causes For His Team?

How many of KL Rahul’s centuries have come in winning causes for his team? This is a question that often arises among cricket enthusiasts.

Despite being known for his explosive batting and fastest century in IPL history, Rahul has faced criticism over the years for not always delivering when it matters most. However, his numerous milestones achieved, record partnerships, and tournament impact cannot be ignored.

Opposing bowlers fear him on the pitch, as he has proven time and again to be a formidable opponent. While some may argue that his individual performances don’t always translate into team victories, there is no denying the impact he has had on the game of cricket.

Has Kl Rahul Ever Scored A Century In A Knockout Match Or A Final?

Oh boy, let me tell you about KL Rahul and his century-scoring abilities! I mean, we all know he’s a great player and all that jazz. But has he ever scored a ton in a knockout match or final?

That’s the real question here. Let’s talk strategy employed by opposing teams’ bowling attacks, his batting approach in high-pressure moments, and the overall match context. We all know how important it is to perform when it matters most – not just during some random league game where half of the players are hungover anyway.

So did KL Rahul step up to the plate (pun intended) when it really counted? Or did he crumble like a stale cookie under pressure? Only time – and my research skills – will tell.


In conclusion, KL Rahul has proved himself to be a formidable batsman across all formats of cricket. With his impeccable timing and ability to score big runs consistently, he has become an integral part of the Indian cricket team in recent years.

KL Rahul’s highest individual score in international cricket is 149 runs, which he achieved against England in a One Day International match in 2018. In domestic cricket, he has scored a total of 23 centuries so far.

KL Rahul’s strike rate in IPL matches where he has scored a century is an impressive 153.33. Additionally, out of the 16 centuries he has scored across all formats of the game, nine have come in winning causes for his team.

While KL Rahul hasn’t yet scored a century in a knockout match or final, there’s no doubt that this talented cricketer will continue to make headlines with his performances on the field. As fans eagerly await more exciting innings from him, it’s clear that KL Rahul is one player who can take any game by storm with his batting prowess.

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